In an exciting development for boaters, Keel Marinas has acquired both Eaton Ferry Marina on Lake Gaston and Southpointe Marina on Lake Norman. This expansion promises enhanced experiences for marina visitors.

What to expect:

  1. Elevated Services: Eaton Ferry and Southpointe Marinas will now offer top-notch services and amenities, as Keel Marinas brings its commitment to exceptional customer experiences to these beautiful lakeside destinations.
  2. Preserving Charm: Keel Marinas recognizes and respects the unique charm of each marina. Rest assured that while improvements are made, the distinctive character of these beloved locations will be preserved.

With Keel Marinas at the helm, the future of Eaton Ferry and Southpointe Marinas is brighter than ever. Boaters and lake enthusiasts can look forward to an even more remarkable experience on the tranquil waters of Lake Gaston and Lake Norman.